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Karma Yoga



Karma means to do. Karma refers to the universal principle of cause and effect. For every effect there’s a cause, and the devotee realizes that he, in his present life situation, is experiencing the effects of a number of causes which he has entertained and enacted. He recognizes that for a finer, more fulfilling life he has to change his thoughts and feelings and so express himself through his actions that new causes supplant old habits and attitudes. Through establishing new causes, he is confident of more beneficial and successful effects occurring to him and his loved ones in life.

Karma yoga meditation is:

1 Consciously surrendering to the Lord the selfish motives that tend to abound within one’s psyche. One seeks to stop working, speaking, acting, or even meditating in a way that is to reward one’s personal desires. A karma yogi wishes to live for God, or for the higher self — the soul — and not for the ego anymore.
2 A dedication of oneself: one’s actions, thoughts, words, and feelings are offered to God. The karma yogi has faith that God is the doer, ideally, and that the lower self — the mind, the heart, the hands — are dedicated to God for his purposes. The individual devotee wishes nothing more than to be an instrument, a servant of the Lord’s love, light, and will.

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