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Spiritual Healer And Guide Dr. Renu

It was 11.15 in the morning, she was telling her rosary beads. The woman had a brilliant shine on her forehead and her posture was as astute as a yogi on his last penance rite. Time flew by as she continued to immerse herself in the devotion of Maa Durga, suddenly there was a brilliant shine, whose luminosity was more than a thousand suns but its embrace was more or like a mother’s hold warm and welcoming. The light came directly from the sky and entered straight into her Chakra. Time stood witness as she entered into a state of nirvana.
But the beginnings of this wonder woman does not begin here, it begins in a small city in Uttar Pradesh famous for its wood carving industry “Saharanpur”. Here she was born to Pt. Uma Dutt Shastri who was a very renowned and respected astrologer and a future sightseer and had the Gift of Precognition bestowed upon by Maa Durga to their lineage from generation to generation. Before her birth he had had a vision where Goddess Durga herself came down from her adobe and told him “I am bestowing you this holy child to you, take care of her as she is a part of me and she will be the light that will remove the darkness of this world and spread the dharma of sanatana”.
Since young her attachment to god had made her step up the ladder of spirituality. When she was five years old she would be easily able to recite the Bhagavad Gita and would quickly be able to learn all the instructions and hymns performed in the yagyas. Yoga being a permeable part of spiritual initiation was always a part of her morning routine, where she would exactly at 4:55 in the morning with her father perform Surya Namaskar following with an siddhi vraksh Sirshasan (taught down to lineage) for 3 hours every day, as it was the trigger which initiated the gathering of spiritual essence into her body.
Not before long since then the urge to know more led her to look for answers. The dawn of April 19 1970 she and her father were offering the morning prayers to Devi Surkanda (Devi surkanda is situated in Dhanaulti in Tehri District and is one of the Siddh Peeths) where the pundit upon seeing her blessed her by saying “Akhand Gyan Bhava, Samridh Shakti Bhava (May you have undivided knowledge, may you have prosperous power)” to which she said how can I attain Akhand Gyan, to which the pundit replied “little girl go to the temple courtyard and seek the yellow flower with 6 petals and you will find all your answers there” and without question she went to the temple courtyard leaving her father performing the yagya. Upon reaching there she started to look for a yellow flower but to her amazement the garden was full of Masuri shrubs (Coriaria nepalensis ) and a large Amaltas tree (Cassia fistula). Disheartened she sat down under the tree and began to think who is going to answer my questions, when suddenly she saw an old woman approaching her, there was nothing special about this old lady as she had white hair but she had a brilliance on her face and her skin glowing golden like a lamp. She sat down beside her and asked “what happened child why so gloomy?”
to which she replied” I want to a 6 petal yellow flower so that I can attain akhand gyan, but there are so many of them how will a find one”
hearing this the lady expressed amusement and spoke “child why do you want to attain akhand gyan at such a young age shouldn’t be playing and growing up like rest of the girls, what will you do with it?”
she looked to the old lady and with joy spoke “if I attain akhand gyan I can get answers to all my questions which have been sprouting in my mind like: – why are people born?, why do we pray to our lord and who is this divine entity?, what is nirvana? And …..”
“Stop x 2, such a small age and so many questions?” said the old lady “it seems that your decision is immovable, so let’s do one thing can you recall Durga Saptshati properly.”
“Yes Pitaji (Father) has taught me all of it and I can recite most of the shloks, but why do you ask?”
“Well nothing, but care to take a walk with me a little bit, just till the edge of this courtyard, I promise I will show you something spectacular, it won’t be as good as your akhand gyan but it might be worth it.”
“Ok” the little girl said and taking the old lady’s hand she walked with him at the edge.
“So what do you see here my dear child” the lady asked. “Well I can only see the mountains afar and loads of clouds it might rain I think” the girl said naively.
“Ok wait let me show it to you properly” the old lady said, and picked her up in her arms and pointed towards the never ending sky. “See now my child what this world truly is”
“Your heavenly incense, your blissfully serene countenance, who are you old lady?” the girl with tears of joy in her eyes asked. The lady, with a smile on her face said “From the Deepest depths of Patala to the highest point of Satylalok, I resonate my being in every dimension and bestow my mind and powers to people who protect the entire world by destroying the fear of evil. I am eternal divine entity; this whole universe is embodied into my bosom. Though I am eternal, I have manifested myself in mortal form to accomplish the purpose of the devas. I am the Mahamaya (the great delusion), I am Vindhyavasini (reside in the vindhya ranges), I am the Mahishasurmardini (slayer of mahishasur demon), I am the Satya, I am the dharma, I am the thunder in the sky, I am the droplet of water that falls on earth to quench its thirst, I am Shiv and Shiv is me.”
“Here child take this gift from me” with content she said and with a gentle stroke she took a yellow flower from the heavens and placed it in her hands “go and achieve your Akhand Gyan, but remember that from this day onwards, your sadhna will be tougher than ever, you have to understand the Satya Dharma and muster all your inner strength to achieve moksha.”