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What is Astrology ?

 Astrology is a science which reduces the physical,mental and spiritual barrier of people and helps them to reach their goals efficiently.It is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the world.It is the only science across the world which has the ability to incorporate the good and bad deeds of previous live and by portraying them in forms of fortune and misfortune,it motivates human being to do welfare works so that their lives not only become auspicious but emulating also.If we deeply study Astrology,we will find that this science makes life delightful by removing the internal and external darkness of human being.It also eliminates the conscience of illness(darkness).Indeed, that is why all the Brhmarishi, Devarshi, and Manishi’s in our country have the prior knowledge of Astrological practices.They first developed the ability to see the whole universe internally itself.In this series, Surya, Pitamah, Atri, Parashar, Kashyap, Narad, Vyas, Garg, Shaunak and Chavana are bright examples.In today’s environment,we are not going to be benefitted by spending lakhs of rupees or by making new legislations just to remove external and internal darkness.For the coordination between”humanity and divinity”humanity and divinity”and for the establishm”Ram Rajya”.Astrology science must be taught as an essential subject.We must clearly understand that Astrology is not only limited to prediction but is perfectly a”Science”.Across the world, people are rushing to research Vedas.Today,the whole world is trying to achieve everything by accepting the scientificeness and practicality of Vedas.But we Indians have become so selfish and materialistic that without thinking for a second,we neglect Vedas,the icon of our own culture.We lack the self confidence just because we feel that by following Vedas,we will be termed as”backwards”.Basically,it is the root cause for the collapse of humanity. 
Astrology is “Eyes of Vedas”.Without the full knowledge of Astrology,it is impossible to see god in Vedas.And that is why it is essential to understand Astrology before trying to know the scientificness of Vedas.After having full knowledge of Astrology,we will get connected to our oldest best culture.


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