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If you want to be a part of Healing/havan/vidhi/development, please note down the donation as per the expenses cost decided by board for the same.


Vaidic Planetary/Astrological                      1500

Distance Healing                                               3100

Pranik Healing                                                   2100

Aura Cleansing Consultation                       2100

Crystal Healing                                                  5001

Vaidic Havan Vidhi(Tirchakhet Ashram)  21000

Vaidic Havan Siddha(Ganga, Haridwar)   51000

Marriage                                                              5001

Children-                                                             Ask

Home Vaastu                                                     Ask

CowCare                                                              2100/Week

CowCare                                                              10000/Month

Dresses for children                                        20000(for 30 Children)

Ashram Bhandara (Small)                             21000

Ashram Bhandara (Big)                                  1,11,000

Ashram Development                                   51,000

Ashram Room Development                      5,00,000